Session 11

Friday, 18 August 2017

13:30 – 15:00

Room Panel Title Details
6 Forced displacement and involuntary mobility/stasis in Southeast Asia (1) Link
7 Clientelism across Southeast Asia: Towards a comparative analysis (1) Link
8 The creation of efficacy in Southeast Asian healing practices (1) Link
9 Southeast Asians in Africa – Africans in Southeast Asia Link
10 Collecting, Preserving, Showcasing: Cultural Pasts of Southeast Asia (1) Link
11 Experiences, technologies and politics of imprisonment – legacies of detention in Myanmar Link
12 Contesting race, gender and sexuality in Southeast Asian literature: From colonial past to postcolonial present (1) Link
14 The City in Flux: Precarious Ecologies and Gender and Class Dynamics of Resistance (3) Link
15 Re-assessing the Latest Developments in the South China Sea Dispute Link