Session 4

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

15:45 – 17:15

Room Panel Title Details
6 Authoritarian Nostalgia in Southeast Asia Link
7 What Is Islam?: Reflections on the Late Shahab Ahmed’s Challenge to Islamic Studies for Scholars of Southeast Asia Link
8 Mythbusting Vietnam (2) Link
9 The powerful dead: the politics of martyrs and other dead bodies in Southeast Asia (2) Link
10 Ethical Research: Fieldwork, Management and Use of the Southeast Asian Past and its continuing Heritage (2) Link
11 Knowledge networks of ‘Greater India’ in the age of reform and decolonization. Scholars and and spiritual seekers (dis-)connecting South and Southeast Asia, 1900s-1970s Link
12 Struggles over eating: Food security, food sovereignty and beyond Link
14 Contestations of Performing Arts Within and Across Southeast Asian Borders (2) Link
15 Rights and Law in Southeast Asia (2) Link
ROUNDTABLE: Understanding Identities, Human Security and Transition in Myanmar Link