Session 8

Thursday, 17 August 2017

15:15 – 16:45

Room Panel Title Details
6 Object Stories: Intra-imperial Wars and Collecting in Southeast Asia Link
7 The Indonesian Perspective. Military Professionalism under Democratic Control Link
8 Reframing Centuries of Forced Cham Displacement  Link
9 How Indonesians Argue Link
10 Panji and cultural patterns in Southeast Asia (2) Link
11 Diverse, Adaptable, and Resilient: Historical and Ethnographic Perspectives on Sultanate in Southeast Asia Link
12 The Citizenship of Climate Change Adaptation in Southeast Asia (2) Link
14 Everyday social life in the Myanmar transition: Exploring authority, justice and morality (2) Link
15 From heaven to the ends of the Earth: Vietnamese Buddhism, Modernity and Globalization Link
ROUNDTABLE: Thailand Update Link