Session 9

Friday, 18 August 2017

8:30 – 10:00

Room Panel Title Details
6 Land grabbing and land dynamics on Southeast Asian frontiers (1) Link
7 Transnational migrations and gendered mobilities between Europe and Thailand (1) Link
8 Unleashing External Powers in Southeast Asia: A Development Perspective (1) Link
9 How to get Published Link
10 Feeding and eating the socialist market economy: Changing patterns of food consumption and production in Vietnam and Laos (1) Link
11 Women, Power, Spirit Possession, and Culture Identification: the Revival of folk religion in Contemporary Vietnam (1) Link
12 Reappraising Figurative Ornamentation: mid-10th to mid-20th century Link
14 Cultivating the “exemplary centre” in Southeast Asia. Reflections on political, social, and economic aspects of urban life (1) Link
15 New Turning Points in Southeast Asian History (1) Link
Ethnicity and electoral politics in Indonesia (1) Link